Antonomasia is the first advertising and communication agency in Spain specialised in sustainable habitat and architecture. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in the building sector, working for leading brands in the manufacture of materials. In order to be able to talk about sustainability in a rigorous way, our team participates in a permanent training programme on passive and bioclimatic architecture principles, circular economy in building, carbon footprint, operational energy and embedded energy, life cycle analysis of materials, water cycle, product and building certifications, among other topics. Individually or collectively, we are members or collaborators of some of the most relevant entities in Spain in the field of sustainable architecture.

Collaborating member of AUS. Architecture and Sustainability Group of the COAC
Green Building Council Spain member company
Training in the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Architecture - Escola Sert
Partner of the sustainable building consultancy Societat Orgànica

Our manifesto

Be green
We all have a responsibility to put sustainability at the heart of our business. We want to work with those companies that are truly transforming their products and processes to be part of the environmental solution.

Do better
Our consultancy system helps brands move from awareness to action, with concrete and measurable strategies and action plans aimed at reducing their impacts and emissions.

Talk change
We add value by creating honest and relevant communication strategies on targets and achievements in decarbonisation and greening the economy, with a focus on facts rather than words.

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Nest City Lab
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